How to track my Easy Crypto order on the blockchain

Your first move is going to be to find the 'Blockchain explorer' for cryptocurrency/blockchain you are dealing with.

Here are some links to the explorers for the top 10 coins:

  1. Bitcoin explorer
  2. Ethereum explorer
  3. XRP explorer
  4. Litecoin explorer
  5. Bitcoin Cash explorer
  6. EOS explorer
  7. Binance Coin explorer
  8. Tether explorer
  9. Bitcoin SV explorer
  10. Tron explorer

If you are looking for a blockchain explorer for a coin that isn't listed above, simply search '[coin name] explorer' on Google and you should see your crypto's blockchain explorer as the first result.

Now that you have found your cryptos respective blockchain explorer, e.g you have ordered Bitcoin so you want a Bitcoin explorer, we will now trace the Easy Crypto transaction. 

1. Load up your crypto's blockchain explorer

2. Insert the public address of the wallet that you send from if you are making a sell order or the address of your wallet that you are expecting to receive to.

Let's track a bitcoin transaction together as an example. 

Let's say that this is my address for my private wallet, and I'm expecting a deposit from Easy Crypto after buying some crypto:


We can copy this address from our wallet and paste it into the explorer, as shown below:

Here is what you are looking at:

The total amount of transactions:

The total amount of Bitcoin this wallet has received and it's final balance:
A full list of this wallet's inbound and outbound transaction history:

For reference, Green arrows mean inbound transactions and red arrows means outbound transactions.

*order confirmations

Now that we understand the basics, we can move on onto how to directly track transactions.

For a start, if you wish to track the balance of an address that you received from or sent to, follow the GIF below:

What you can see me doing is clicking into a wallet that sent bitcoin to me, then finding that transaction on their end, and tracing back to my wallet, AKA, where we already were.

Now, if we want to find details on a certain transaction, rather than just the entire wallet transaction history, we do as follows:

What you're seeing is me finding a transaction in my wallet, and clicking on the TXID. A TXID is the Transaction ID, and it provides details on the speed, fees and details of each transaction. 

This is what you are going to care about when tracking an Easy Crypto order.

As you can see in the GIF above, that transaction was not completed, as it shows a red 'unconfirmed transaction button'.

If the order has been completed, however, you will see a blue button saying '[number] confirmations'.

You may also see a transaction state that says 'pending'. This means the blockchain is currently processing your transaction, and that it will be in your wallet soon.