How to set a password on your Exodus and acquire your backup passphrase

You can easily back up an Exodus wallet in 4 simple steps.

First - click 'back up' on the left-hand side of the wallet, under the exchange tab.

1. Create a strong, secret, and unique password, enter it in the box, and click “NEXT”.

2. Re-enter the password and click "NEXT"

3. Your 12-word recovery phrase is displayed. Write the words down in the correct order and put them in a secure place where only you have access. We would highly read reading this article on a better way to note your phrase down.

4. Confirm a word of your paper backup. 

5. You have completed your backup! 🙂 Now that you have your 12-word phrase, you are going to want to store that somewhere safely that isn't on a receipt in your sock drawer or on a notepad file on your computer. To learn how to effectively protect your passphrase, you are going to want to read our guide on keeping your crypto safe here.