How to buy cryptocurrency

Buying cryptocurrency through Easy Crypto is super simple, and you can complete a buy order in less than 2 minutes. 🙂

1. Type in how much NZD you want to spend, and select the crypto that you want to buy. 

2. Paste in your wallet address so we know where to send your cryptocurrency. If you don't have a wallet, you can click here to set one up in 3 easy steps, or you can click the 'I don't have a wallet' button and we can offer some options. 

If you already have an Exodus wallet, you can click here to learn how to find your wallet address. (The equivalent of your crypto bank account number)

After inserting your wallet address or choosing to have us create one for you, click ' next'.

3. Select your payment method and pay!. 💸 

Ba-Bam! All done! 🚀

Feel free to visit our helpdesk if you have any questions. 🤠