How to automatically verify with OriginID

To automatically verify using Origin ID, please follow these steps: πŸ™‚

πŸ‘‰Watch our video guide hereπŸ‘ˆ

1. Click 'Go to Origin ID'

2. Insert your mobile phone number and click ' Send'

3. Click into the link that is sent to you via SMS. Once it's loaded, confirm that you understand you are verifying your identity.

4. Click ' Start'

5.  Click on what ID you want to use.

6. Read the instructions then click ' Capture ID'. You will now be able to take a photo using your phone's camera.

7. Once you have taken a good photo and clicked ' Use Photo', your ID will upload onto their system.

8.  You can now confirm the details that Origin ID's scanner found on your passport. Once you have typed in the correct details, tick the boxes and click confirm.

9. Confirm your home address.

10. Prepare to perform face verification by taking off your hat or sunglasses, and click 'Next'

11. Read the instructions and click ' Next'.

12. Turn up your volume and click ' Start'

13. Grant your phone permission to use your camera and follow the instructions given to you.

14. Let Origin ID process your face - this usually only takes about 10 seconds.

15. You will automatically be redirected back to Easy Crypto

16. Bam! All done! ⚑

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