How to send from your EC Wallet

Important: EC Wallet is no longer offered, this guide is only for customers who had a wallet issued prior to May 2020.

Your Easy Crypto Wallet is a "cold storage" wallet. This is an intentional decision because it is the most secure way that you can store a cryptocurrency. By its design, a cold storage wallet can't be used to transfer funds - it does just one thing, which is securely store your currencies.

You cannot move your coins directly from an Easy Crypto Wallet. You need to first import your coins to a "hot wallet", so that you are able to make a send transaction. You can read more about the difference between hot and cold wallets here.

For most coins, the easiest wallet to use is Exodus.

Sending from Exodus

Step 1: Install Exodus from their website.

Step 2: Follow our guide to Import your balance into Exodus.

Step 3: Click Send in Exodus, and put in the address and amount that you want to send.