How to import XRP into ToastWallet

Download and install Toast Wallet from their official site:

Add an account, and choose to "Add Existing Address":

toast wallet add existing address screenshot

On the next page, put in your private key where it says "Account Secret". You don't need to fill in the "Account Address" field. The "Passphrase" is the password you created when you installed Toast Wallet. This is not your Easy Crypto Wallet pass phrase :)
If you get an error message saying the address is not "activated", please check the status of that XRP address using Bithomp:
Put your public address into the Bithomp explorer - DO NOT PUT YOUR PRIVATE KEY!
If the address is activated, you should see something like the below. If it shows a transaction but not an activation, you may need to wait a day or two before your funds are available.

xrp toast wallet balance

Send from Toast Wallet

Once you have imported your funds, you can then send from Toast.
To send from Toast Wallet, choose the $ symbol at the bottom, and enter the "To Address" where you would like to send it:

send from toast wallet sceenshot