What network should I use?

It is critically important to use the right network when you buy and sell cryptocurrency - otherwise your funds may be irretrievably lost.

If you are at all unsure what network to use, please contact the Easy Crypto helpdesk and we can advise.

Most questions however will be answered by the following points:

  • For Bitcoin orders, use the Bitcoin network - simple :)
  • For Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens, use the Ethereum network
  • Do not use Sidechains or non-native chains. For example, you can send BNB on Binance Chain, but you cannot send Ethereum on Binance Chain.
  • We do NOT accept wrapped tokens

If you use the incorrect network, or if you do not include a memo when asked to, we may not be able to recover your funds

If we can recover the funds, note that:

  • A $200 recovery fee will apply
  • Orders less than $300 in total value will not be recovered

Easy Crypto takes no responsibility for any buying or selling orders that are, delayed, lost or irrecoverable due to the incorrect network being used.

TL:DR - be careful to use the correct network and memo - if required. Contact us if you are unsure