How to send to your existing Easy Crypto wallet

Important: EC Wallet is no longer offered, this guide is only for customers who had a wallet issued prior to May 2020.

To make a new order and send to your existing Easy Crypto Wallet, all you'll need is the coin's public address from inside your wallet.
Important: You can only send coins to an address of the same type of coin. Bitcoin can only go to a Bitcoin address. Only XRP can go to an XRP address, etc.
Here is an example using Bitcoin, but the same process applies to any of our coins.

Step 1: Open your wallet and copy your public address for Bitcoin.

Step 2: Create a new order on the website for Bitcoin.

After you click Buy Now you will be shown a page where you can enter your address:

Step 3: Paste in your public address from Step 1.
Step 4: Complete the order, and the funds will arrive into your same wallet address!
Please note: Your existing wallet file will not automatically update the balance shown when you open it. To check that you have received the funds, you'll need to click the link to "Check live balance". See our help article here.