Recover funds sent to a deleted Exodus portfolio

Exodus now has the ability to create multiple "portfolios" on a single device. If you have sent funds to a portfolio and then deleted it, follow the steps below to regain access to your funds.

The article below is demonstrating how to recover Ethereum funds, but you can substitute any support coin here.

Open the Ian Coleman BIP39 tool:

To use it, paste your 12 word backup phrase into this section, and change the "Coin" to "Ethereum":

Scroll down to the bottom, and you can see the addresses that come from that 12 word phrase:
Firstly, check to see if any of those addresses are the one where you sent your funds. You probably only need to check the first address:

If not, then you need to change the "Account", which is the same as the Exodus portfolio. Scroll up a bit, and change this to "1":
e7afe660cfbe20fd515b74831a957bb9.pngGo back down to the addresses and see if the first one is your address. If not, try account "2".

If you find the address, scroll across to the right of the address and copy the "Private Key" for that address:


Copy that private key, and import it into your Exodus Ethereum wallet like this: