Move your EC Wallet balance into Exodus

If you haven't already installed Exodus, download it from their website:

*Note: You can only move your funds from your EC wallet to Exodus if you are using the desktop Exodus version.

Transferring into Exodus

Step 2: In Exodus, open the wallet of the coin you want to import.
Step 3: In the top-right corner select the three-dot menu, and then Move Funds:

Step 4: Paste the private key from your EC Wallet and press Import:

That's it! 😁

It may take a few minutes for the funds to arrive in your Exodus wallet. Because this is a transaction on the cryptocurrency network - a small mining fee will be charged. This isn't a fee from Exodus or from Easy Crypto - this is simply because each transaction for a cryptocurrency costs a small fee to use the network.

Finally, and most critically of all - make sure you backup your Exodus wallet! You can follow their instructions here: