How to create a wallet and receive bitcoin

How to set up a bitcoin mobile wallet and receive bitcoin

This article will run through how to receive set up a wallet and receive bitcoin.

We will be using Blue Wallet, you can find their website here.

You can download it on your mobile phone here:

App store:

Google Play:

Now let us get that wallet set up!

Step 1:

Go to your mobile phones app store and download the app

Step 2:

Open the app!

You will be welcomed with this:

Step 3: Add wallet

Click add wallet

Step 4: Choose a name and select bitcoin

In this example, we named our wallet “My Bitcoin wallet”, and bitcoin is selected.

Now we hit “Create”

Step 5: Write down your private key

Carefully write down the 24 words and keep this somewhere safe.

Remember: these words back up all your bitcoin! Keep them safe!

Now hit, “OK, I wrote this down!”

Step 6: Click your bitcoin wallet

Your wallet should popup, you can now click it Step 7: Click receive

Click receive at the bottom to get your bitcoin address Step 8: Copy the address

Click the address to copy it to your clipboard. Now give us this address at checkout, and we will send you bitcoin straight to your wallet!