How to set up a Trezor model T

How to set up a Trezor Model T 

So you’ve recently started buying cryptocurrencies, and have decided to up your security game and pick up a Trezor Model T. This article will guide you through the setting up of your Trezor! 

If you prefer a video guide, we will upload one on youtube. 

Step 1: Get that Trezor unboxed!

Open your Trezor up and unbox everything you need! You will get: 

  • Trezor Model T
  • Model T magnetic dock
  • USB-C cable
  • 2x Recovery seed card
  • Trezor stickers

Step 2: Check Holographic seal

Make sure the seal at the bottom of the device is present and has not been tampered with. 

If the seal does look damaged, DO NOT continue and contact Trezor support immediately!

Here’s a quick clip from Trezor showing you what it is supposed to look like

Step 3: Visit

Head over to

Step 4: Select model T 

Trezor’s website will ask you to choose a device. Select the Model T option, obviously :p

Next, it will remind you to check your holographic seal. We have already done this.

If it looks good, hit continue.

Now we have loaded our wallet up, but we are not done.

Step 5: update firmware 

The screen will tell you to update your firmware. Click show details and follow the prompts to update your device! 

The process should be like this:

  1. Disconnect the Trezor
  2. Start swiping your finger across the Trezors touchscreen and plug it in when your finger is halfway.
  3. Confirm the connection in bootloader mode on the device.

Next, tick the box to confirm you have your recovery seed with you (even know we don’t, yet) and hit update to version ….

Now there will be a message on your device. Hit the green tick on the right to continue. 

The device will now update, this may take a minute or two. 

When this is done, it will return you to the wallet screen. 

Step 6: Create a wallet

Next, Trezor wallet will ask you if you want to create a new wallet or recover a wallet.

If you want to recover a previously owned wallet, hit recover wallet on the right. 

Since you are reading this, you will probably need to create a new wallet. So hit the green button that says “create new” and confirm this action on your Trezor device by hitting the green tick. 

Your Trezor should now say “needs backup” and your computer screen will say “your Trezor is not backed up”

Step 7: Back wallet up

This is the most important part. Please take your time and do this properly.

At this point, you will need the recovery phrase backup sheet provided by Trezor and a pen.

Hit the button that says “Create a backup in 3 minutes”

Next, Trezor’s wallet will give you some warnings. Read through these carefully, and It is 110% recommend that you take their advice for your security!

Tick the box that says “I understand and I agree” and hit the green continue button.

Now head over to your Trezor device and click “I understand.”

Your private key will now be displayed on the Trezors screen, carefully write each word down onto the recovery sheet.

When you are done writing this down, hold down the green button on your device to continue.

Next, the Trezor will test you to make sure you have written down your private key properly. The Trezor will act like an old school phone, each button displays 3 letters. To get to C you must click the first button 3 times and if you wanted H you would click the third button twice, and so on. 

Type the words that correspond to the numbers until all 12 words have been completed! Then hit continue.

Head back over to your computer and it should say “You have successfully backed up your device!” Click the green continue button.

Step 8: Set a name

The screen will tell you why you would want to name your device, this isn't important, so just click continue.

Now it is time to choose a name. Type your name of choice in the bar and hit “confirm to continue”

Head over to your Trezor, and confirm the name change by clicking the green tick. 

Go back to the computer and click the continue button.

Step 9: Set a PIN

Go to your Trezor device and click the green button to confirm that you want to set a new pin.

Next, type in your pin of choice and click the green tick!

The device will ask you to reenter your pin, so do that and click continue!

Go back to your computer and it should say “Good job! Your PIN is set.”

 Hit the green continue button to go to the next step.

Step 10: Bookmark the browser (optional)

You can click Ctrl+d to add the Trezor wallet to your browser. This is good for avoiding phishing attacks.

Then hit the continue button.

Step 11: Sign up (optional)

You can give Trezor your email if you want. Fill your email address in, check the box below to agree to the terms and conditions, and hit continue.

If you prefer not to give them your email, you can also just hit skip this step.

Trezor will give you their socials if you are interested. When you have finished following them or don’t want to, hit continue

Step 12: Finish up

Hit the finish button!

And that’s it! Your Trezor is set up and ready to store your cryptocurrencies!