How to manually verify Nigeria

To manually verify, please follow these steps:  🙂

1. Go to "My Account" and drop down menu to "Verify"

2. Insert your details EXACTLY as they are on your ID and your mobile number in the event we need to call you.

3. Provide reasons for why you are purchasing and source of funds

4. On the verification page click the "Use slower manual option"

5. Insert your correct address (we may need this for future verification so please ensure this is correct)

6.Upload a clear and readable image of your ID and insert your ID number, then click next.

7. Upload a photo of you with your ID and a note in your own handwriting stating "I am verifying with Easy Crypto. No One has asked me to make this account, *Todays date* "

8. Confirm that you accept Easy Crypto's Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, then click 'Submit Verification'

9. Once all done you will see the final confirmation screen.

That's it! 🚀 

You're all done. Now just wait for one of us to authenticate your account and you are good to go!

In the meantime, feel free to school up on the Basics of Cryptocurrency with our super simple overview! 🙂


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