Trading NZD for BTC in Mine Digital

Trading NZD for BTC in Mine Digital

Alright, so you’ve funded your Mine Digital account with NZD and are ready to buy some BTC (remember our main trading pair is NZDBTC but this will grow in time).

Let’s start at the Portfolio tab where you will be able to see your NZD balance.

On the bottom right you will see that all my funds are sitting in my Primary wallet but to trade on the exchange I will first need to move a little over to the Exchange account. 

To do this, head on over to the Funds tab across the top. 

Here just select NZD on the left and then set Transfer From to Primary, Transfer To to Exchange, enter the amount you’re wanting to move and hit Transfer Funds. 

Now if you head back to Portfolio you will see that I have a balance in the exchange and am ready to go!

From here, click on over to the Exchange tab which will look like this.

Please remember that the Exchange function is for advanced users only so this is only for you if you’re 100% confident with what you’re doing. 

On this page the first thing you’re going to want to do is ensure that your trading pair is set to BTCNZD as it will default to BTCAUD. 

You can do this in the instrument markets section at the top left as shown below. 

Now that’s done I want to buy some BTC. To do this head to the next area directly below labelled Enter Order. 

In this area you can double check the Ticker is BTCNZD, then choose whether you want to buy or sell. 

Next you want to choose the type of order you wish to place. 

Limit buys mean you can set a limit you wish to buy at and it will go through at that rate or below. 

FAK or ‘fill and kill’ order will go through straight away.

In this instance I want it to go straight through so I have chosen FAK.

Next you just need to enter the amount you wish to purchase.

As I just want to test this out at this point I am going to purchase the minimum of .01 BTC which currently works out to around $150

As soon as you enter the amount this section of the screen will change and that will look like this.

Here you will see you can enter the amount you wish to buy and then add a price while I’m not placing a limit order I do still need to set a price based on active sell orders on the exchange. 

To find these, simply head to the section directly to the right called Depth. Here, the sell orders will show in red. What you’re looking for is the lowest priced sell order that has enough to cover your order. 

For this order that bottom one looks good to me so I will click on that and it will then fill the Price field in. 

Once you’ve done this just make sure that the order quantity is still what you’re wanting to buy and not the full sell order amount. 

All you need to do now is click Place Buy Order. 

And that’s done!

Under holdings, you can now see that I have 0.01 BTC.

If you placed a limit order, it might not show straight away so you would see that waiting to be filled under the Orders tab. As mine has gone straight through you can see it under the Fills tab. 

Hopefully this guide is as straightforward as possible but please reach out if you feel there’s anything missing.