Trading Back to NZD Using Mine Digital

Alrighty so we’ve loaded up our account with NZD, we’ve purchased some BTC, traded a bit for ETH but now we’re going to see how to switch that back to NZD. 

As you keep going through the process you should be starting to feel more comfortable with it and see that it’s all very much the same. 

First things first log into Mine Digital and head to the Exchange section. 

As we’re wanting to move the BTC back to NZD we again want to make sure that our trading pair is BTCNZD under Instrument Markets. 

Then we want to head to Enter Order and this time choose Sell. 

Again here you will have the option to create a Limit sell if you want to sell at that sweet spot or go with FAK (fill and kill). 

I’m going with FAK this time around as I just want to get it done and dusted. 

I’m wanting to convert all BTC back to NZD so will enter the full amount I am holding (remember that the minimum trade for BTC is .01 BTC! I didn’t and had to sell back my ETH to BTC and also top my account up a little). 

Same as the last time when we bought BTC, we will need to find an active buy order under Depth which this time will show in green. 

Make sure to pick the buy order with the best price that can also fulfill your sell order. 

In this instance the top one looks fine to me. 

I clicked on it and the price has populated in the order screen. 

All that’s left to do is confirm I am selling the whole amount of BTC which you can see under Holdings and then Place Sell Order. 

And done!

You can see my new balances under Holdings and the order on the right under Fills.