Funding Your Mine Digital Account With NZD

Funding Your Mine Digital Account With NZD

So you’re ready to start using our new Mine Digital Offering. Maybe you’re wanting to place a limit buy order for BTC and want to get the account topped up and be ready to pounce. 

Here's how you do it!

Log into Mine Digital and head on over to the Funds tab. 

Then head over to Payment In. 

Select NZD and then Bank Transfer. 

Here you can see the minimum and maximum amounts you can add (these limits are out of our control and your Easy Crypto limits do not apply). 

Just enter the amount you want to send over here and click Payment In.

Finally, you will need to create your payment from your own internet banking. Much like when placing an order through Easy Crypto, please pay special attention to the unique payment reference as otherwise there will be delays with your funds arriving. Note that this is a different suffix from your normal Easy Crypto payments.

Once your NZD has been received, you will see your balance under Portfolio as well as back in Funds under Payment In. 

Please remember any payment support queries should be directed to Of course, we're always here to help as well with general enquiries.