Executing a Crypto Trade in Mine Digital

Now you’ve loaded up your Mine Digital with some NZD and purchased some BTC you might want to make some trades for another cryptocurrency. 

At this stage we can only offer BTCNZD but once you’ve got BTC on the exchange you can trade ETHBTC, XRPBTC, BCHBTC and LTCBTC with more to come. 

Here’s how. 

This time head straight to the Exchange tab. 

You will see your BTC amount under Holdings. 

First things first, choose your trading pair under Instrument Markets. Today I’m going to get myself a little ETH so have highlighted ETHBTC. 

Under Enter Order you will now see a new tab under type which is Market. 

This just means that the order will go through at the current market rate. 

While you can still use the Limit or FAK options, I will choose this one as I just want to test out the system with a small order of .005 ETH.

If you scroll down on Enter Order you will also see the rate you should expect. 

If you’re happy with that, just hit the Place Buy Order button. 

This one went straight through as you can now see that my balances have changed under Holdings. 

Under Fills you can also see both my exchange transactions. 

Hopefully this guide has been straightforward and easy to understand but please reach out if you feel that I’ve missed something.