How to Verify with Sumsub - Nigeria

You've just created your account with us, and you want to start trading ASAP - So you need to get verified fast. 🚀

You only need to verify once, and then from here on out you will be permitted to trade as often as you like.

Here's how we do this: 

1. Go to My Account > Verification > Verify Account

Insert your date of birth and phone number, then click 'Next'

3. Click 'Yes' if you have a valid National Identity Card, Drivers Licence or Nigerian passport.

Assuming you clicked 'Yes', please provide us with the reason you are looking to purchase crypto. 

4. Now that you've inserted the reason for your purchase, you can either select to continue through our automated verification process or our manual process.


We use Sumsub for this, a quick and simple automatic verification system. It's straight forward, and you should be pass through it with flying colours in less than 3 minutes.

Below is a quick walk through :


Manual verification is just as easy, however, we will need to manually verify your account. The good news is that the average time it takes us to authenticate manual verifications is less than 24hrs.