Bitcoin delivery delay

Occasionally, during periods of high demand, we will have to delay delivery of Bitcoin buy orders.

We will lock in your rate as per normal* but the delivery of Bitcoin will be delayed until we are able to restock our supplies.

Why does this happen?

We mainly source our Bitcoin overseas, as there isn't sufficient supply available here in NZ. For us to pay our Bitcoin suppliers, we have to send USD from New Zealand to overseas bank accounts, which takes at least one working day. Over a weekend, it will take three days, and long weekends are even worse 😕

To allow instant delivery on customer orders, we send out your Bitcoin from our own wallets and then backfill from our suppliers once they receive our USD payments. Sometimes, when demand is very high (and especially if that happens over a weekend) we run low on our own supply so we have to pause on delivery until we can get a restock.

But I want the rate right now!!

Your Bitcoin rate is locked in as per normal* - there is no change in the rate you get. There's only a delay in us being able to send it out to your wallet.

My order is urgent!

No worries - just let us know and we'll get it out to you ASAP 😘 You can contact us here.

Are my funds safe?

Absolutely. Our 100% funds safety guarantee always applies. Once you have made an order and we have received payment, we guarantee we will deliver, no matter what.

*Unless otherwise noted, rates are locked in when we receive your payment:

  • For POLi and Account2Account orders this will be instantly and you'll get the quoted rate. 
  • For manual bank deposits we'll lock it in once your payment hits our bank account. This is typically 1-3 hours during bank processing times (9am-9pm Monday to Friday)