Service Status

Covid update 21 March 2020

TL;DR - business as usual

The key message is that there's no change to our services over the lockdown period.

We know a number of our customers are keen to know what our plans are during this time of uncertainty, so we've tried to answer all the common questions here. 

Q: Are you still open?

Yup! We'll be open 24/7 - just like we always are. Our staff all work remotely so we're lucky to be relatively unaffected by the lockdown.

All systems are functioning as normal - any changes will be updated here,

Q: OK sure, but what about if you shut down?

Firstly, we have no plans at all to shut down. See above :)

But if we did - there's no impact to you at all. We're intentionally a non-custodial service, so there's no risk that your funds will be lost if we stop operating. We don't hold your funds - you do. 

If you have an Easy Crypto wallet, you will still be able to unlock this, as the website will continue to be operational.

Q: Do you have enough liquidity to keep processing my orders?


In times of high demand we may occasionally need to delay delivery, and if that happens we will clearly communicate it through a yellow banner at the top of the site - before you order. 

This is purely due to the time it takes to send fiat money around the world. We never face any limits on liquidity.

Q: What happens if you all die from COVID-19?

(Yes, customers really have asked us this!)

We've carefully worked through our "key person risk", our system contingencies and our reliance on third parties. We have a robust set up, with multiple fail-safes and a continuity plan for if shit hits the fan. 

Q: That's nice. But more importantly, are my funds safe?

As always, in terms of safety of your funds we have a 100% funds safety guarantee: We've got your back.

Stay safe out there team!