Order delivery delay for NZ

If you are a brand new customer to Easy Crypto, during the order process you’ll see a notification that your order won’t be delivered immediately, as we need to wait for your funds to clear.

If you pay via POLi or Account2Account we will process your order immediately, which means you can lock in the current rate. However you just won’t receive the cryptocurrency in to your wallet until after the NZD funds have cleared in to our account. You can see the full completed order details (including the final crypto amount) on your Orders page or your Tracker page.

This page answers the most common questions we get about that. If you have any question that aren’t answered here, just let us know!

Why is my order delayed?

As soon as we send out cryptocurrency, it’s gone immediately and we have no ability to reverse a payment. So we need to make sure that an order has been paid for before we send the crypto.

Until you have built up a history with us, we need to wait until your funds have cleared in to our bank account before we release your order. Don’t worry though, your order has been processed though and the rate is locked in. We’re just holding the cryptocurrency until we see your money arrive.

But I’ve already paid!

You’ve hit “pay now” on your online banking, and the funds might have left your bank account, but they haven’t yet reached ours. The bank can still refuse to send the payment through to us, and this has happened to us before 😥

While 99.9% of payments come through no problem, our business operates on super low margins (so we can keep our rates cheap as!) which means that we can’t risk a payment not arriving.

Why can’t I use credit card?

We would LOVE to be able to accept credit or debit cards. Unfortunately the banks have blocked us from this… we’re still working on a way to get that up and running though, watch this space!

Ok fine. So when will I get my order?

During weekdays, banks process payments between roughly 9am and 9pm. So if your order was paid between those times it should reach us within 1-2 hours.

After 9pm or on weekends depending on your bank we won’t receive payments until around 10am on the next working day.

Bit of a pain eh! This is why we think crypto is the future 😉