How to create a new Ledger account wallet

1. Load up Ledger Live with your Ledger plugged in and unlocked

2.  Go to accounts3.  Click 'Add account'

4. Select Bitcoin as your crypto asset and click 'Continue'

5. Make sure your Ledger is unlocked then open your Bitcoin app, then click 'Continue'.

6. Let it do its thing

7. You will now be given options on what wallet type to create. You are going to want to choose the 'segwit' wallet account type, highlighted in the image below. 

8. Select 'segwit', name your account and click 'Add account'

9. Bam! All done. 🙂 You will now see a new wallet account under 'Accounts' for your new segwit Bitcoin wallet address.

10. To confirm that it worked, click into your new segwit account and click receive. You will then see your new wallet address, starting with the number 3. You will now be able to send Bitcoin directly from Easy Crypto to your Ledger. 🙂